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Champions of Change
A collection of seven major studies that examined the role of arts education on the academic, behavioral, and thinking lives of children. The report acknowledges the "messy, often hard-to-define real world of learning, both in and out of school" and, therefore, sees these findings as all the more relevant.

Arts and Academic Achievement
Current research on the role of the arts in student achievement.

Every Child Needs the Arts
Written by Charles Fowler D.M.A.,Perspectives in educational change.

Does Music Have an Impact on Student Development?
This article contains a lot of good, usable data on the benefits of music education in the overall education of students including thinking skills, self-discipline, dexterity, coordination, self-esteem, listening skills, creative abilities, and personal expression.

Sound of Music: The Influence of Music Education
This is an arts advocacy article that includes recommendations from the National Commission on Excellence in Education. Why Music and Art Education are Important This a short list of statements from researchers regarding the benefits of arts classes.

Highlights of Arts Education Research
This is a page of facts related to the benefits of arts education.

Better Brains through Music
New research has found that music lessons do more than teach a child how to play an instrument. You may have heard about the "Mozart Effect"—the theory that babies exposed to classical music show more advanced brain development than other babies. But only recently have studies found provable links between musical training and the comprehension of math and science. When children listen to music and learn to play it, they use both sides of the brain, setting up mental pathways and connections they'll use all their lives.

Why are the Arts Important?
This is a great summary of studies touting the overall benefits of arts education.