Arts Integration

Setting Goals

Setting goals is an important part of the arts integration process. Whether you are working by yourself or with a team, setting clear goals can help you focus and maintain momentum.

Take some time with your team to discuss what you want to accomplish. It is important for each team member to be heard in this process. Everyone might have a different perspective on how to approach arts integration and what may work for them. When you meet with your team, allow time for each member to share what is most important to them. From there, you can establish two to three clear goals for your team and/or classroom.

To get you started, consider the following approach. Individually, make a list of personal goals for:

  • Your students
  • Yourself as an educator


Share the results with your team.

  • What goals do you have in common?
  • What goals can you establish as a team?
  • Can you establish a vision for your team?

Once your team and goals have been identified you will find that there is an exchange of information which opens each member up to new ways of teaching that integrate the arts into other subject matter. By brainstorming and planning together, teachers gain new skills and have the confidence to implement multiple learning activities which will enhance student learning.


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