Arts Integration

Showcasing Success

It is critical for the team to showcase arts integration success. Sharing successes empowers team members and encourages other members of the school community to participate. Your team will need to find a way to showcase their success. There are many ways this can be accomplished. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Display student work throughout the year. In addition to classroom displays, each team member could be responsible for a bulletin board or other display in the hall, office, or the media center on a rotating basis.
  • Share data with faculty members and parents. Ask for a few minutes at faculty or PTA meetings to share student achievements or show a short PowerPoint or video of student performances. This is also a great opportunity to share data and advocate for arts integration.
  • Prepare a newsletter and/or brochure. Create, or have students create, monthly newsletters with photos of performances and original student-written articles, stories, poetry, and art work. Perhaps different classrooms could be assigned the responsibility for creating one at different times during the year to highlight their classroom achievements. Develop, or have students develop, a year-end brochure. Share these with your administration, other teachers, students, and parents.
  • Create a final performance or culminating event. This could be in the form of a play, a series of short plays by each classroom, a musical or dance performance, an art exhibit, a display of classroom projects, or a combination of activities. Just remember that, whatever the event, it should demonstrate how the arts were combined with curriculum objectives to create an arts-integrated lesson.


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