Arts Integration

Identifying a Team

Successful teams are comprised of teachers who believe deeply in the process and are willing to do whatever it takes to facilitate a partnership. The core team of teachers should be intrinsically motivated, flexible thinkers, and able to adapt to a variety of situations.

Consider these options for creating a team:

  • Grade Level or Partial Grade Level
  • Content Area
  • Like-minded Teachers

We recommend that you involve the specialists (Visual Arts, Music, Media, Physical Education, Reading and Math coaches) at your school. They may be excited to participate in a program that includes their discipline. They may also have ideas that you have not considered.


After you identify your team, you will need to determine the leadership structure of your team. You may choose to have one individual serve as the team leader, or you may choose to take a team approach. There are pros and cons to both structures. You can choose what works at your school. If you have a large team, committed to working together, you may want a team leader to help spearhead initiatives and communication. If you have a group of teachers who want to experiment and discuss arts integration, a formal team leader may not be necessary.

Don't forget to keep administrators informed of your plans. Their support is crucial. It might be useful to include someone from the administration on your team. At the very least keep them up to date with planned activities and invite them to observe a special lesson which includes arts integration. Good administrators appreciate innovation so do not be reluctant to share your success!


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