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Why Arts Integration?

Creating a Team

Setting Goals

Integration Access Points

Arts Integrated Reading Units

Partnering with Arts Organizations

Collaborative Planning Meetings

Reflecting on Your Work

Showcasing Success


Arts Integration

Collaborative Planning Meetings

Collaborative planning meetings should be focused on planning to meet the goals of the team and keeping on task as related to the arts integration focus. They may also be used to reflect on and discuss recent classroom challenges and successes (see Reflecting on Your Work). Meetings have both logistic considerations and content considerations.

You may find that logistic considerations are harder than the actual planning. First you must decide how often you want to meet. This may be more frequent in the beginning stages. Identifying times when everyone, including the arts and other specialists, will be available can be difficult. This is where having an administrator on board and involved can be useful.

When meeting with a larger group a leader and an agenda are essential to keep the discussion and planning on track. If during the discussion there are tasks identified that need to be performed, be sure to designate who will perform them and when they must be completed. You want to make each member feel involved and essential. Between meetings check in with different members to see how they are doing and suggest how to get help if they are having problems completing their task by the deadline.

Sample Meeting Logs:

Reflecting on Your Work

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