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Why Arts Integration?

Creating a Team

Setting Goals

Integration Access Points

Arts Integrated Reading Units

Partnering with Arts Organizations

Collaborative Planning Meetings

Reflecting on Your Work

Showcasing Success


Arts Integration

Reflecting on Your Work

Periodically throughout the year you should meet as a team to discuss and reflect on the way your arts integration program is working. Take a good look at what has worked and what needs improvement. You may want to self evaluate after two weeks or even after a few lessons. Certainly you should evaluate midway through the project and also at the end of the project. This will give you the feedback you need in order to improve arts integration lessons for the future. We have provided reflection forms for both teachers and students that may help in this process.

Here are some sample questions you may want to ask.

  • Were all the team members involved in the planning and implementation of arts integration lessons? If not, how could they become more involved?
  • Did the students connect with the lesson? Did they learn the curriculum material? How did they react? What was their behavior? What was especially well received? What spurred students to explore further on their own?
  • Was there a community arts organization involved? Were they successful in communicating their goals and your goals to the students? If you didn't have an outside organization involved, is there a community arts agency that can provide a field experience supporting your lessons?

Reflecting on your arts integration project/program is of prime importance for both team members and students. Make sure students have the opportunity to reflect and comment on the lessons. This feedback will assist you and other teachers as you plan new arts integration projects for future students.

Sample Reflection forms:

Showcasing Success

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