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Cultural Passport
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Grade 6
World Music

Sixth Grade students and teachers who are part of the Cultural Passport program will have the opportunity to experience a World Music concert. Educators understand the importance of providing students with enough background knowledge to ensure students can fully participate and engage in all that an experience has to offer. This webpage is designed to familiarize you with the selected musical ensembles and give you access to curriculum to guide your instruction as you prepare students for the experience.

Curriculum Resources

For All Grade 6:

Community Arts and Culture

Delou Fatala

(African Music and Dance)

Delou Fatala, which means return to the village, is an ensemble started by Ibrahima Dioubate, a griot & legendary balafonist from the country of Guinea. Ibrahima’s family linage of balafonist go’s back five hundred years when they were musicians for the Royal Court. Guitarist and Co-Producer Jose Elias, has been working with Ibrahima on an album that fuses the traditions of African Folk music with modern instrumental components. The music features Balafon compositions juxtaposed with other African instruments. In addition to those instruments, a Afro Pop fusion occurs when the rhythm section of electric guitar, bass, and drum set are added to the mix.  The end result is a Global collective of old world meets new world.

Jan Sebon and Kazak International
(Haitian Music and Dance)

For the past 25 years, Jan Sebon has been an authentic presence in the South Florida arts scene.  As poet, musician, and media personality, this charismatic artist continues to define the Haitian experience with unique voice, based on his own life experiences and culture.

In 1985, Sebon founded the group Kazak, and worked with other renowned artists, among them Jayne Cortez, Adrian Castro and Nil Lara – to produce  poetry readings, festivals, and other cultural events around Miami. Kazak’s unique fusion of Rasin (Haitian Roots music), jazz, political commentary, and electric stage presence led it to be voted “Best Haitian Band” in the Miami New Times for three consecutive years. Sebon’s current band, Kazak International, continues this tradition of excitement and excellence. Under his artistic direction, their virtuosity encompasses Caribbean and West African as well as classical and jazz forms and styles, which delights and enthralls audiences everywhere with unexpected visceral and evocative listening.

About Community Arts and Culture
The mission of Community Arts and Culture is to foster appreciation and understanding of a vast assortment of arts and cultures by educating individuals of all ages and social backgrounds through workshops, lectures and artistic performances in local communities. Community Arts and Culture strives to provide underserved areas with an outlet to participate in outreach programs and to nurture an array of local artists who exemplify the diversity found in the South Florida community.

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