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A History Class Pass will enable students to have an educational field experience related to history through Miami-Dade County Public Schools' Cultural Passport program. Availability is very limited, so review the options below and click the Application link beneath the Cultural Passport heading on this page to apply.

Educators understand the importance of providing enough background knowledge to ensure students can fully participate and engage in all that an experience has to offer. This webpage is designed to familiarize you with the selected historical sites and give you access to curriculum to guide your instruction as you prepare students for the experience. The links listed immediately below have general content for your grade level. Site specific curriculum may be linked within the detailed descriptions below.

Curriculum Resources

For All History:


Dade Heritage Trust Tour

About Dade Heritage Trust
Dade Heritage Trust (DHT) is the leading voice for historic preservation in Miami-Dade County. Founded as a nonprofit membership organization in 1972, Dade Heritage Trust works to enrich the quality of life for the entire community by sustainably preserving the best of the past for the future.

Dade Heritage Trust is committed to advocating on behalf of Dade's historic properties and for sustainable community revitalization solutions on a local, state and national level. Efforts include active participation in preservation and planning issues, drafting of position statements, testifying before preservation boards and commissions, and working with the media and community leaders.

The following tours are available through Dade Heritage Trust. You do not have to choose a specific tour when submitting your initial application.

Historic Miami Tour - Freedom Tower, Miami Circle, Dr. Jackson's Office. Lunch and tour of historic buildings at Lummus Park.

Cuban Cultural Heritage Tour - Freedom Tower, Little Havana, Cuban Cigar Factory, Domino Park, Avenue of the Monuments

Art Deco Walking Tour - Walking tour of the Art Deco District combined with treats invented during the 1930s. Lunch at South Point Park.

National Historic Monuments Tour - Freedom Tower, Miami Circle, Biltmore Hotel, Venetian Pool. Lunch at Salvador Park.

Community Pride Tour - Each tour will differ according to neighborhood.

First School House Tour - First Miami High School, First school building in Coconut Grove with a reenactment and a tour.

101 W Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33130

Tours scheduled throughout the school year.

HistoryMiami is the premier cultural institution committed to gathering, organizing, preserving and celebrating Miami's history as the unique crossroads of the Americas. We accomplish this through exhibitions, city tours, education, research, collections and publications. HistoryMiami advocates for helping everyone understand the importance of the past in shaping Miami's future.

Students will experience 12,000 years of south Florida history, beginning with pre-historic peoples through modern day Miami. Our trained educators will bring history to life through this engaging program. Sit in the Miami Circle as you learn about the Tequesta. Go back in time to the Age of Exploration in our fort as you discuss European contact with Florida.  Experience the lives of the early settlers in our Chickee hut and Pioneer House. Learn how segregation played a role in American history in our restored Trolley, and how immigration has impacted Miami, and made it the gateway city that it is today. For middle and high school students we offer multiple programs that target such themes as Conservation, Architecture, Government and Teen life in Miami.

Teachers will be given pre and post materials. The materials are specifically designed to "warm up" the student before he or she comes to the museum. Students will also be given an opportunity to see our temporary gallery, and a chance to visit the gift shop. Groups can bring their lunches and eat on the plaza.

The Holocaust Memorial
1933-1945 Meridian Avenue
Miami Beach , FL 33139

Tours scheduled throughout the school year.

The Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach is a structure that memorializes its victims, serves as solace to its survivors, and informs with factual representations in pictures and words of this century's greatest human crime. The program at the Memorial is approximately 1-1.5 hours long and includes a 22-minute documentary film on the creation of the Holocaust Memorial, guided walking tour through the Memorial and a discussion/question period with a Holocaust survivor.

Please see the enclosed brochure and be sure to visit our website for further information on how to prepare your students, additional resources. If you plan to bring lunch boxes, the Botanical Garden adjacent to the Memorial is an ideal place to have lunch. Please call the Botanical Garden at 305-673-7256  and make arrangements with them (closed on Monday).

Please be aware that the Memorial is outdoors, so students should wear hats and bring water. The students are welcome to bring their videos and cameras and take as many pictures as they would like.

Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU
301 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach , FL 33139

Tours scheduled throughout the school year.

The Museum depicts the universal themes of the immigrant experience and acculturation process through the Jewish experience in Florida, from 1763 when Jews were first allowed to live here to the present. Through our exhibits and programs, the Museum demonstrates how ethnic groups all seek to balance the continuity and traditions of their heritage with the values and customs of a larger society. These themes resonate with students of all ages and backgrounds.

Multi-Media Experiences: Photos, films, artifacts, primary sources and oral histories are used to present topics: immigration, community development, discrimination, earning a living, acculturation and identity formation.

NextGen Sunshine State Standards and Core Curriculum where applicable:  Exhibits and Tours fulfill benchmarks for the NextGen Florida Sunshine State Standards and the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). 

Curriculum Resources: Lesson plans with pre-, on-site & post-visit activities are available for each exhibit.

Multicultural Museum Education: In a Museum setting, programs complement classroom curriculum and engage, inspire, stimulate and motivate students to THINK and LEARN about cultural diversity and the contributions of multiple ethnic groups to the state of Florida.

Ongoing Permanent Exhibition:

MOSAIC: Jewish Life in Florida
Through photographs, artifacts, and documents, this exhibit highlights the cultural heritage and contributions of Jewish Floridians to the development of the state, as a universal model of immigration and acculturation.

Temporary Exibitions:

From a Coin Toss into Politics

September 16, 2014 - March 22, 2015

The exhibit offers valuable insight into Florida politics, historyand how leadership shaped and continues to shape our current landscape.This colorful exhibit includes photographs,documents, official correspondence and artifacts illustrating Senator Stone’sfascinating Florida story from his early years on Miami Beach. The exhibitincludes highlights of his service as Florida State Senator, Secretary ofState, U.S. Senator and his prestigious Ambassadorships in Central Americaand Denmark.These authentic artifacts create an intimacy with educators seekingto transmit leadership figures, civic processes and vision “up close and personal.”Stone removed his office doors,reinforcing his sponsorship of a“Sunshine Law”and transparency ingovernment. Its passage would later serve as a model for other states.

THE CHOSEN: Selected Works from Florida Jewish Art Collectors
November 14, 2014 – March 8, 2015

Historically, the Jewish people have focused on the importance of remembering the past and teaching for future generations. There are many ways in which to make that connection. Art is one of the vehiclesfor linking the past and future. An art collection provides insight into the life of the collector - why and how they started collecting, how they choose the pieces they acquire, how their collections enhance their lives and what their collection says aboutthem personally – their passions, vision and philosophy. This exhibit is used as a starting point to help students explore what is important to them and what type of collection of materials they would put together to illustrate their own personal image andtell the story of their lives.

Jay I. Kislak Gallery
7900 Miami Lakes Drive West
Miami Lakes, FL 33016

Tours scheduled throughout the school year. There is a maximum capacity of 40 students per tour. You may schedule multiple tours to accommodate additional students.

Kislak Gallery PowerPoint
Kislak Gallery PDF of PowerPoint

A visit to the Jay I. Kislak Foundation Gallery in Miami Lakes is an extraordinary passage through centuries, an intellectual adventure and a visual delight. The significance and relevance of our history and the legacies of those who came before us vividly come to life in this extraordinary collection of art works, artifacts, books, manuscripts, maps and historic documents from the pre-Columbian cultures of the early Americas through the age of discovery and later explorations of the polar regions.

The gallery offers an opportunity to travel through time and across cultures and come face to face with treasures from the past that formed our present:

  • Writing and mythologies inscribed on artifacts of the ancient Maya people, whose sophisticated civilization flowered in what is now Central America for more than 1,000 years before the arrival of the Spanish; and objects from other indigenous cultures – the Olmec and Aztec of Mexico, the Inca and earlier peoples of Peru, and the Taíno from the islands of the Caribbean.
  • Letters and personal documents of the founding fathers of our nation, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson that give us insight to their personalities and the colonial world.
  • Books, maps and photographs that tell the story of the struggle, tragedy and triumph of polar expeditions and the heroic adventures of explorers such as Ernest Shackleton and Robert Scott.

Visitors will have the opportunity to share Jay Kislak’s sense of adventure, join journeys of exploration and experience the excitement of gaining new knowledge and new understandings of the ways peoples and cultures interact. History speaks to us, entertains and informs us, and guides us forward. History matters.

The Nile Project

In this hour-long musical performance, students will experience the Nile River
through song, dance and musical instruments. The concert will feature the entire Nile Project Collective and include multimedia opportunities to learn about the geography, culture, musical traditions and environmental ecosystem of the Nile Basin through music. Visit the Music page for more information, and register through the Music link on the Application.

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