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The Division of Life Skills believes that every child has the right

to a complete education and that the arts are among the critical core subject

areas. Our mission is to assure that all students have the opportunity to

develop their artistic, creative, and physical tunities, research-based

instructional strategies, technology-infused instruction, career path

exploration, community service opportunities, real-world learning,

enhanced parental involvement, and programs which include partnerships,

talents, skills, and abilities in a challenging, safe, and nurturing environment.

To that end, the division provides direction and assistance to enable

schools to nurture high student achievement and foster academic

excellence through quality curriculum development, innovative educational

choices, enriched learning opporcollaborations, and multicultural

projects that support the district's priorities. Our belief is that a

multicultural learning environment that is reflective of Miami-Dade

County and promotes high expectations is essential to preparing the entire

community of learners to be successful in meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

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