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The mission of this program is to infuse technology with the visual arts program
in a practical and educationally sound manner. Our goal is to train art teachers to
develop and establish strategies in the use of technology in their art curriculum.
The arts/technology teacher is well versed in the applications
specific to entry-level art technologies, more sophisticated programs,
and the established Visual Arts Competency-Based Curriculum.

This program will serve as an entry-level technology introduction for the school-site
visual arts teacher. The program will also provide the students with instruction
through a technology infused curriculum. It will include an overview and
demonstration of the function of fundamental hardware components,
hands-on experience with selected software, and projects incorporating
the use of technology. Students, with the assistance of their school site art
teacher and the art technology specialist, will demonstrate and apply skills
learned in producing a work of art through the computer.

As the goal of this instructional program arrives to the implementation and
infusion of technology in the elementary art curriculum technology will raise
the quality of instruction together with a level of student understanding and
achievement. As professional art educators we are compelled to prepare
our students to be successful in a world driven by technology.

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