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Kindergarten students and teachers have the opportunity to visit an early learning institution as part of the Cultural Passport program. Availability is very limited, so review the options below and click the Application link on the menu on the right to apply.

Educators understand the importance of providing students with enough background knowledge to ensure students can fully participate and engage in all that an experience has to offer. This webpage is designed to familiarize you with the selected attractions and give you access to curriculum to guide your instruction as you prepare students for the experience.

The links listed immediately below have general content for your grade level. Site specific curriculum may be linked within the detailed descriptions below.

Curriculum Resources

For All Kindergarten:


Young Architects: Designing the Future

Lisa Ann Watson Children's Discovery Museum
Dave & Mary Alper Jewish Community Center
11155 SW 112 Avenue
Miami, FL 33176

January 14 – March16, 2018

About the Site
Our newest hands-on exhibit encourages children aged 2 - 8 to become young architects as they design for the future, and build, build, build!

Great design is all around us - and even the youngest children can understand the importance of this wonderful art form. From the Children’s Museum of Cleveland, this exhibit is a fun-filled educational event that enhances problem solving, helps children develop motor skills, spatial, social and language skills, hand eye coordination, and a capacity for creative, divergent thinking. They will learn in an age appropriate way about great architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Thomas Jefferson, Frank Gehry, IM Pei, Zaha Hadid and local architects who plan for environmental changes in South Florida. Children will use a huge array of building block media for a hands-on interactive learning experiences in three areas: Live, Work and Play. They will use multicultural blocks for building Japanese, Russian, Middle East, ancient Greek and Roman structures; natural wood blocks in hundreds of shapes and sizes; geometric foam blocks; giant waffle blocks; colorful geometric blocks. They can create drawings of their design ideas in the inspiration station and will design skyscrapers in the "skyline of towers." 

See flyer for more information.

Miami Children’s Museum

980 Macarthur Causeway
Miami, Florida 33132

When visiting the Miami Children’s Museum (MCM) through the Cultural Passport program, students will be taken on our “Guided Exploration” tour throughout the museum, where they will learn about art, music, culture, community, and communication through play. During this educational experience, students will explore nearly all MCM’s fourteen interactive gallery spaces. So whether it’s learning to create healthy meals in our supermarket, checking vital signs in our emergency room, or performing on stage in our cruise ship, students will play, learn, imagine and create their way to learning.


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