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A Science Class Pass will enable students to have an educational field experience related to science through Miami-Dade County Public Schools' Cultural Passport program. Availability is very limited, so review the options below and click the Application link on the menu on the right to apply.

Educators understand the importance of providing enough background knowledge to ensure students can fully participate and engage in all that an experience has to offer. This webpage is designed to familiarize you with the selected ecological sites and give you access to curriculum to guide your instruction as you prepare students for the experience.

Curriculum Resources

For All Science:


The Kampong Field Study Program

4013 South Douglas Road
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Tours scheduled throughout the year

About the Site
The Kampong is a rich venue where students will learn about David Fairchild, the Legacy of Plant Exploration, and the impact in Miami's food and culture.  Touring the historical collections of tropical plants and the historical site provides students with a beautiful place of solace where all their senses are captivated by the beauty and bounty of science, art and culture.  All students will participate in interactive activities designed specifically for their age group.

Pinecrest Gardens

11000 Red Road  
Pinecrest, Florida 33156

Tours scheduled throughout the year

About the Site
Guided programs through the diverse ecosystems and rich history of this 80 year old site are led by trained facilitators or our on-staff Horticulturist to allow for a meaningful learning experience. There are 7 major ecotypes on the property, a spectrum of wildlife both aquatic and terrestrial, and an up-close encounter with the natural world. There is a rainforest, a hardwood hammock, cypress slough, desert garden and much more to offer students from a wide range of lifestyles and demographics. Our educational programs are designed to support Florida Learning Standards and utilize active garden experiences to engage students in cross-curricular investigations, as well as meet Nature face-to-face in a user-friendly environment.


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