Dance Education Curriculum

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Next Generation Sunshine Standards- NGSSS

This comprehensive visual arts curriculum integrates ideas, skills, knowledge, values and creative ability. A variety of course offerings provides opportunities for students
to develop artistic talents, aesthetic sensitivity, and encourages the pursuit
of excellence in artistic self-expression

Lesson Plans

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IPDP Sample

Movement Skills and Underlying Principles

As a learning outcome students can: -- solve locomotor and non-locomotor problems -- demonstrate fast and slow movements -- utilize symmetrical and asymmetrical concepts in movement design

Dance Making

As a learning outcome students can -- create a repeatable movement phrase in response to rhythmic patterns -- develop a dance study based on characters from folk tales or stories -- create a dance which reflects a specific period in history

Building Context: Cultural, Historical, and Social

As a learning outcome students can -- identify distinguishing characteristics of dances of various cultures -- describe, in written and oral form, movement preferences -- write a description of dance performed at a local festival

Critical and Aesthetic Inquiry

As a learning outcome students can -- compare and contrast two dance works -- interpret the various parts of a published review -- describe and support his/her personal definition of dance


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