"I believe arts education in music, theater, dance, and the visual arts is one of the most creative ways we have to find the gold that is buried just beneath the surface. They (children) have an enthusiasm for life, a spark of creativity, and vivid imaginations that need training – training that prepares them to become confident young men and women."

Richard W. Riley, Former U.S. Secretary of Education

Dance Education Introduction

The mission of the Dance Education Office is to provide the best age-appropriate dance education experiences for all students. By integrating the cognitive and the psychomotor, the students' bodies and minds are engaged in discovery, inquiry, problem-solving, and decision-making, as they create, re-create, organize, interpret, analyze, perform, evaluate, and critique their own and others' work. The program takes students at various entry levels and allows them to progress to more technically complex levels in preparation for both performing arts and related careers and to become informed consumers of the art form.


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