Visual & Performing Arts Mission

Visual & Performing Arts Division of Academics is committed to ensuring that all students in Miami-Dade County Public Schools are engaged in creating, developing, and molding their talents and abilities in a challenging, safe and nurturing environment. 

Through the Florida State mandated Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS), quality Visual and Performing Arts curriculums are developed and delivered that foster and guarantee enriching learning opportunities while ensuring access and equity for all students.  Research based instructional strategies, career path exploration, community service opportunities, technology infused programs and instruction, and programs that include parental involvement work hand in hand in helping to create real-world learning and 21st century global citizens. 

The Visual & Performing Arts Division of Academics mission includes the commitment and collaboration with community partners in creating multicultural projects that enhance and support the district’s student achievement priorities and mission as well. The importance of incorporating all facets of student learning through the Visual and Performing Arts, while setting a high bar in expectations and student achievement and preparation, will help to create the leaders of tomorrow who will be better prepared to meet new challenges and greet new horizons with success.




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