Theatre Arts Education

Theatre Arts Education Special Programs

Reading Through Theatre

A reading and literature program for secondary schools that utilizes a number of reading strategies to explore theatrical literature.

GableStage Partnership

A partnership to advance the study of the works of Shakespeare and other classic theatrical literature through dramatic presentations and with a study guide for teacher facilitated reading and writing activities.

City Theatre Partnership

A series of playwriting workshops and readings for senior high schools designed to nurture learning through dramatic literature and playwriting.

Teatro Avante Partnership

A bilingual program implemented with a focus on fostering reading and theatrical awareness through a multicultural approach.

Superintendent's Choice Evening of Theatre Showcase

This annual event showcases and celebrates the best of the theatre arts from across the district with selections of material from district-wide submissions from elementary, middle, and senior high school theatre arts programs.

Miami-Dade County Fair And Exposition

Hundreds of students compete for ratings and awards in performance, playwriting, and design categories annually.

Actors' Playhouse Partnership

With a mission to foster and develop children's theatrical literature, Actors' Playhouse presents a full schedule of children's theatre productions and sponsors a national children's theatre festival and playwriting contest.

Fantasy Theatre Factory Partnership

Through utilizing the venue of theatre, Fantasy Theatre Factory presents programming at the elementary school level that addresses a variety of social and community issues, such as violence, graffiti, and environmental concerns.


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