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Museum Education Program

Guidelines for Chaperones


The role of the chaperon is to supervise the behavior of the students. 
Students are to remain with adult leaders (chaperons) at all times during the tour. 
Do not allow students to wander off by themselves at any time.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools policy requires that the chaperon to student ratio be 1:10 (one chaperon for each ten students). It is essential for the safety of the students and the success of the field experience that an adequate number of chaperons be present. Make every effort to use interested, responsible, and alert adults as chaperons.

An excellent source is the school PTA. You may wish to invite the principal or the assistant principal along on the trip.

If possible, make verbal contact with your chaperons well in advance of your excursion. They should be well informed before the day of the field experience. When contacting your chaperons, communicate the following:

1. day, date, and time of the trip 
2. destination 
3. where to meet the group (classroom, front office, at the bus) 
4. special information (medical) regarding students in the group 
5. cost, if any, and teacher policy regarding pocket money 6. transportation schedules; transportation company 
7. specific chaperon responsibilities

Your chaperons should wear large, clearly identifiable nametags.

Take the time to call or write to the chaperon with a special “thank you."