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Museum Education Program

How to Participate


Dear Art Teachers, 

We are pleased to provide you with the Museum Education Program Sites and Staff Directory for this year's current cultural season. This website contains all of the pertinent information and forms from the directory, so you may choose to either find it here or download the complete directory in PDF format .

The information presented on these pages offers the best of the visual arts in Miami museums, galleries, and historical sites to both you and your students.

The Art Education Program, in cooperation with the Region Centers, has organized a staff of museum educators who are qualified to lead your students through museum tours. They provide a vital link between the art curriculum in the schools and the exhibitions within the museums and galleries.

Information regarding scheduling, museum etiquette, tips for chaperons, and guidelines for looking at art are all outlined in detail. Carefully read the enclosed materials and familiarize yourself with any changes.

In addition to the one free bus provided by the Art Education Program, teachers may use a second bus to visit ArtTreks Cultural Experiences for the Exceptional Student (Exceptional Student Education only). Funding for these buses come from other sources.

To schedule a tour, please review the Museum Education Program Sites and Staff Directory and contact assigned Museum Educator for for availability. Please be aware that tour schedules will fill quickly, so plan accordingly.

If you have questions concerning the program, please contact Linda Mangual by email or phone (305) 995-1930. 

Have a wonderful time exploring the exciting opportunities available to you. 


Mabel Morales
District Supervisor, Art Education
Instructional Support
Division of Academics
Visual and Performing Arts
Linda Mangual
Lead Museum Educator, Art Education
Instructional Support
Division of Academics
Visual and Performing Arts