Visual Arts Education


Museum Education Program

Preparing the Students


1. Students are to remain with assigned adult leaders (chaperons) at all times during the tour. Do not allow students to wander off by themselves at any time. Bathroom breaks should be taken before or after the tour.

2. Name tags should be worn by elementary level students. It will be helpful to the teacher, the chaperons, and museum personnel if each student is wearing a tag with the following information: -name of student -code designation (color code, teacher or chaperon's name, etc.)

3. Encourage students to wear comfortable clothing. The museum may include activities that require the students to sit on the floor.

4. The museum experience should be approached empty-handed unless otherwise specified. Do not allow students to bring items other than those requested.

5. No food, drinks, gum, or similar items will be allowed in the museum. Teachers are asked to package food, drinks, and art materials (if required) in a cardboard box for easy storage and distribution.

6. Art museum experiences are more visual than tactile. Please inform all members of your group that works of art should not be touched. Exceptions to this standard rule will be carefully explained by the museum educator whenever necessary. Chaperons should enforce this guideline.

7. Please be advised that there may be other people in the museum on he day of their visit. Please use appropriate courtesy during the tour.

8. Discussion is encouraged. In order to proceed in an orderly fashion, hands should be raised first.

9. Photography is allowed at some museum sites. Other museum sites have strict regulations concerning cameras. Check with the individual museum educator regarding policy.