Visual Arts Education

Visual Arts Education Special Programs

Museum Education Program

Recognized by the National School Boards Association as one of the outstanding curriculum ideas in the United States, the award-winning museum program operates in 18 sites in Greater Miami and the Beaches. The President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities included the program in their 1999 report Gaining the Arts Advantage.

Art Technology Program

The mission of this program is to infuse technology with the visual arts program in a practical and educationally sound manner. Our goal is to train art teachers to develop and establish strategies in the use of technology in their art curriculum. The arts/technology teacher is well versed in the applications specific to entry-level art technologies, more sophisticated programs, and the established Florida State Standards for the Visual Arts.

Coconut Grove Visiting Artists Program

Nearly 100 professional artists traveling to Miami for the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, one of the nation's finest, visit schools one day before or after the close of the festival to provide expertise, motivate students to higher levels of craftsmanship, and promote realistic career awareness.

The National Scholastic Art Awards The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers Inc.

honors students who receive national awards each year at prestigious venues such as The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., and Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Florida Film Institute Cinematographers in Education and Media Arts (CINEMA)

is designed to encourage the creative and technical development of students interested in film and media arts through educational programming and direct contact with filmmakers. Films produced through the program have earned national recognition and acclaim.


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