Visual Art Education

Why Technology


Why Use Technology in the Art Room?

It is another tool the teacher can use in teaching the art elements and principles of design. Students:

  • Will learn to problem solve thereby using critical thinking skills.
  • Will learn to work in collaborative groups.
  • Will be encouraged to explore art ideas and their imaginations.

iPads in particular are a great tool for education, especially for the arts, because they introduce students to technology and digital media while retaining the hands-on appeal of creating a work of art.

iPads are a way to encourage students to research and collaborate on projects, allows the students to have more freedom in their choices and spend more time being thoughtful about their artistic process

As students become more competent they can:

  • Scan drawings and other objects and incorporate into them into their artwork.
  • Learn to use the iPad to take photos and use them as part of their artwork.
  • Develop a presentation of research featuring an artist, art period, or create a portfolio their own artwork.